Swedish Massage Therapy

swedish massage

Founded in the 18th century, Swedish Massage Therapy incorporates multiple movements of the wrists and hands that are used to achieve more specific therapeutic benefits. The main goal of Swedish Massage Therapy is to increase the venous return from extremities to the core.

The strokes and movements of Swedish Massage Therapy are each conceived as having specific therapeutic benefits. Using these strokes we can shorten recovery time caused by muscular strain. The unique benefits of this massage flushes uric acid from the body, lactic acids, and other metabolic wastes. This is why it is so essential to thoroughly hydrate your body before and after each session. It will improve circulation, and help to stretch the ligaments and tendons. By stimulating the skin and nervous system, it reduces stress both physically and emotionally. Because of this, it is a very beneficial part of a stress management program. It’s the most common modality used in the U.S. due to its wide range of benefits.

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