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OC Medical Chiropractic offers a unique and comfortable chiropractic experience for all of our OC Medical Chiropractic patients. We want to help our new patients feel at ease by providing them with all the information they need to get started with their healing process. Please read more to learn about what you can expect at OC Medical Chiropractic Center.

Patient Forms:

We require all of our new patients to complete new patient intake forms. The information provided with these forms helps our chiropractors to know what your health concerns are and prepare a plan to address those concerns. The best way to get you on your path to wellness is to know what your wellness goals are. These forms are available online for you to complete before your appointment in the convenience of your own home.
Click the link below to fill our New Patient Forms prior to your visit.

New Patient Forms

After filling out your patient forms you will receive an examination with one of our chiropractors to thoroughly review your health history and wellness goals. This is your opportunity to address areas of concern you may have and what you expect from treatment. Our chiropractors will discuss your treatment options and discuss how chiropractic care can be beneficial for you.


You will receive a complete chiropractic examination using our state-of-the-art examination equipment to determine your problem areas. The examination includes 5 different tests that evaluate the health of your nervous system function, your orthopedic health, posture, and physical health. After the examination is complete and you understand which treatments are recommended you can choose whether or not to continue with treatment. These scans are designed to test any stress of your nervous system. If this stress is corrected early enough you can avoid serious health complications and pain down the road.

X-Ray Scans:

X-Ray exams may be necessary depending on the type of damage you have. If you have been referred to our office by a doctor who has already taken X-Ray exams or an MRI please bring those images with you in order to avoid duplicating tests and causing unnecessary costs to you.
Follow-Up Visit and Report of Findings:

After your complete examinations have been performed, one of our chiropractors will give you a detailed report of their findings. You will learn what the possible cause of your problem may be, how long it will take to fix, what is involved in your treatment, and how much it will cost. We will then help you decide your course of treatment.

Your Care Plan:

Once you have decided to move forward with treatment, you will schedule your first appointment. Your complete treatment may include spinal adjustments, rehab therapy, and/or soft tissue massage. We provide a variety of treatments and techniques to fit each of our patients’ individual needs. Some of our treatments require the use of tools and equipment while others are completed manually. No matter what treatments you receive, the best option is chosen for your current physical condition and wellness goals.

Wellness Program:

As you progress in your chiropractic care, our chiropractors will discuss a wellness program. Each wellness program is suited to your specific health and lifestyle to help you maintain your wellness goals and prevent future injury. Our complete wellness programs include good spinal alignment, a healthy diet, exercise, and maintaining a positive mental state. Our goal is to help you get healthy and stay healthy. By strictly following your customized wellness program you can achieve your wellness goals!

Payment Options:

OC Medical Chiropractic will not turn away patients who do not have insurance and cannot pay for all costs up front. We offer flexible payment plans for our patients so they can receive the chiropractic care they need right away. More details regarding our payment plans are available by visiting or calling our office at (801)337-1657



If you are unsure whether or not your health insurance is accepted at our chiropractic office, you can call our office and our staff will verify your benefits prior to treatment. Although this can be done when you arrive for your appointment, it is best to call ahead of time to prevent any delay in treatment. Our insurance verification services are available at no cost to you!

No Insurance:

Although many insurance plans offer little or no chiropractic care coverage, our patients can still receive our excellent chiropractic services. We offer flexible payment plans to cover care that you may not be able to pay for up front. Our chiropractic services are very affordable and many of our patients are able to pay as they receive care.

Family Plans:

At OC Medical Chiropractic, we believe that chiropractic care is important for the whole family! We offer services that are tailored specifically to each age group to help you and your family get the most out of your chiropractic care. Maintaining your family wellness is easy and affordable with our customized family care plans. Ask our office about chiropractic care for the whole family!

For complete chiropractic care in Ogden call OC Medical Chiropractic at (801)337-1657

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