Chronic Pain Treatment

Yes, You Can Stand the Pain and Do Your Job!

Sure you can stand the pain, but can you stand what the pain is doing to your life? Should you stand the pain?

This is especially true with work-related accidents and injury. Ignoring or enduring pain no longer makes you tough. It makes you vulnerable. If you don’t have your pains investigated on a timely basis, you could be permanently ruining your health. You already know it’s affecting your job.

Many times, the pain seems to sneak up on you. You are doing a job you have done many times before and, it finally occurs to you, you hurt every time you do it. And it’s getting worse! It may be typing or lifting or manipulating a tool. It could be a specific position that held too long, starts causing back spasms.

None of these injuries should be ignored. Toughing it out would not be a good idea, particularly if your back and neck are involved.
Your back supports your body and your neck supports your head. Your brain controls the structure and function of your entire body using the nerve system. The nerve system is a delicate communication network that is partly housed in the bones of the back and neck. You mess up the health of the back and neck and you very likely, are messing up the nerve system function.

You mess up the nerve system’s ability to function and your brain has trouble telling your body how to perform since no part of the body can have healthy function without the brain and nerve system being able to pass along communication. Pain is the warning signal. Because of this, any back and neck pain should be investigated thoroughly.

We know you can stand the pain. But, can you stand what the pain is doing to your job performance and to your quality of life? If you have been hurt on the job, please contact us, immediately. We are fully qualified to evaluate the damage to your back or neck that is interfering with your health and life. Call us today, so we can get to work on getting you back to work.

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